Dynaplate Cr DF defoamer after use.

New Hex Chrome Defoamer

Dynaplate Cr DF – Hexavalent Chrome Defoamer The picture to the left shows a hexavalent chrome plating solution after 32 mins of plating time using

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HVOF Plasma Coating Remover

HVOF Coating Stripper

DYNASTRIP OMS The Dynastrip OMS is a HVOF Coating Stripper.It Effectively strips Nickel or Cobalt containing Tungsten Carbide or Chromium Carbide Coatings.It is a drop

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Foam Control

Silicone Free Defoamer

Dynamix Inc is pleased to introduce a new Silicone Free Defoamer for use in Waste Water Treatment. The Dynatreat Defoamer SF. This highly effective product

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Jar Testing Overview for Waste Treatment

Waste Treatment

Waste Water Testing is Second Nature to our Team The team at Dynamix Inc is well equipped to handle all of your waste water treatment

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