New Hex Chrome Defoamer
Dynaplate Cr DF defoamer after use.

Dynaplate Cr DF - Hexavalent Chrome Defoamer

Chrome solution in the lab with PFAS free defoamer.

The picture to the left shows a hexavalent chrome plating solution after 32 mins of plating time using the Dynaplate Cr FSN2 fume suppressant. This is a PFAS and Fluoride free fume suppressant.

Some customers experience more foam than others based on the type of chrome plating they do, the size/geometry of their parts, and the desired plating thickness, etc.

Interest was expressed in a zero foam process for chrome plating that could pair with this style of PFAS/PFOA/Fluoride Free fume suppressant.


Dynaplate Cr DF defoamer after use.

The four pictures above show the effects of adding a diluted Dynaplate Cr DF to the solution after 50 mins.

The Dynaplate Cr DF provides immediate and lasting defoaming action.