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Dynamix Inc. is proud to be the largest Canadian-owned manufacturer and supplier of electroplating and surface finishing chemistry. 2021 marked the 15-Year Anniversary of Dynamix supplying automotive, energy, aerospace, RoHS, ELV, WEEE, and REACH compliant finishing products right across North America.

Dynamix was established in 2006 with the goal of being the #1 choice for surface finishing chemistry. The combined knowledge of technical and laboratory services, research and development, manufacturing, ISO 9001:2015, marketing, and sales, enables Dynamix to provide high quality products and cost-effective solutions for any problem. In a competitive marketplace this gives our customers an operational advantage.

For the resilient and motivated, the dependable and responsive brand, Dynamix, delivers practical, cost efficient, and high performing products that leaves people feeling relieved and empowered to offer their best.

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St. Louis, MO, USA
Dynamix Inc. has been a trustworthy and loyal supplier of our pre-plate, plating, and post plating products used at our zinc plating plant since Dynamix’s inception. In addition to very user friendly products, their complete commitment to “service after the sale” has made us into loyal customers. Their acid chloride zinc plating system is the finest cost-effective system that I have used in my many years in the metal finishing industry.

Barrel Plater.
Thanks to the Dynaplate CLZ chloride zinc process we have observed after only 1 week of implementation into our barrel line a 10% reduction in power requirement.  This has permitted to increase the barrel loads without sacrificing quality.  This Dynamix process pays for itself!

Rack Zinc Plater.
Almost immediately after starting to use Dynamix’s chloride zinc system, the staining we lived with on our clear chromated parts and the yellow rub off have disappeared.¬† We were not at fault after all.

Barrel Plater
Once we converted our chloride zinc system to Dynaplate CLZ we noticed the following:

  • A 54 % reduction in brightener consumption.
  • Better low current density coverage.
  • Better metal distribution.

This has allowed us to regain a competitive advantage over our competition, a definite key to our continued success.

Electroless Nickel Plater 

You offer outstanding products that deliver and the customer service is phenomenal. I really appreciate you coming to talk to us while aiding in our trial runs.
I have emailed your competition twice in 2 days and have yet to get a response. That annoys me.
I get that we are a small company but we all eat from the same plate at the end of the day. The fact that Dynamix has been so helpful helps me to make up my mind where I’d much rather buy from. If I can put in a good word for you than let me know who to contact because you have helped me tremendously over the past year. I thank you for the great service and dedication!

Multi Process Aerospace Plater 

Where to start? Team Dynamix came to my shop 6 or 7 years ago with promises on quality, pricing and support. Absolutely delivered without missing a beat from day one. This is not a company that earns your business and turns around year or two later and forgets about you. To this day any assistance on analysis, pricing, troubleshooting are always top priority. Not to mention all the help and guidance setting up new processes. Their pricing has created more competitiveness for us and taken quality to another level on several plating baths. If your running an electroplating company regardless what industries your serving I would with the highest praise recommend team Dynamix.


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DYNAMIX INC. is seeking motivated, technically competent distributors throughout North America to promote their “Best in Class” technology. The processes of Dynamix have been developed for ease of use and economy of operation. From concentrates to extremely robust technology to expert application support and training, Dynamix can help improve your customers’ performance and increase your profits.

Dynamix provides private labeling opportunities as well as unique custom blending capabilities.

Review the Dynamix Product Line and contact our office. Distributor rewards programs are available so you can begin to maximize your profits today.

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