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Providing Some of the Most Robust Chemical Processes Available

15 Year Stitched Crest

Our goal at Dynamix is to provide surface finishing chemistry that delivers a performance advantage, while continuing to add value and play an integral part in our customers’ growth and success. November 2021 marked our 15th Year Anniversary providing electroplating, anodizing, galvanizing and more surface treatment chemistry to the North American Market. We believe in long-term business relationships and in a competitive and saturated market, our success is dependent upon and measured by the success of our customers.

Dynamix is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company; our product line offers hundreds of different proprietary products to serve the metal finishing industry.

Let Dynamix demonstrate how we can maximize your plating chemistry productivity by providing the most robust chemical processes available.

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Dynaplate Cr DF defoamer after use.

New Hex Chrome Defoamer

Dynaplate Cr DF – Hexavalent Chrome Defoamer The picture to the left shows a hexavalent chrome plating solution after 32 mins of plating time using

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